Haier HW80-14829 Frontlader Waschmaschine - Weiß

Haier HW80-14829 Frontlader Waschmaschine - Weiß

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Nennkapazität in kg: 8
Max. Schleuderdrehzahl: 1400 U/ Min
Betriebsgeräusch (Schleudern) in dB: 78

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  • I've only had the machine for a week and this is a good washing machin...

    I've only had the machine for a week and this is a good washing machine for washing your clothes, great number of cycles if you want a quicker wash, you can lessen the time by reducing the temperature or spin cycle but overall good times! Spin cycle 1400 so clothes are hardly wet.

    Why only 3 stars then you ask??

    By looking at the big black porthole on the front I thought magic I can get my duvet in that and with it being a 10kg it should wash it no problem! Can't even get the duvet into the machine!! Once the door is opened the opening to the drum is tiny!!! My duvet is still lying on my utility floor! I also thought the black glass door is a nice feature, but you can't see in the drum to make sure everything looks ok! I also liked the fact it is quieter than the others but I don't know if there is something wrong but my machine rattles? Its as if the drawer is loose or the top, as I've had to put a piece of the polystyrene packaging and jam it under the worktop to stop it rattling! Lastly it is so heavy!! It took two men struggling to bring it into the utility and there was no stairs! I can't even push it to nudge it, so if something happens and I need to pull it out to get into the back I have no chance!!!

    If the hole of the drum was a lot bigger I think I might've put up with the other things and given it more stars.

  • I am totally satisfied with my new Haier washing machine

    I am totally satisfied with my new Haier washing machine. It had all the elements I was looking for and at a price a lot lower than the more famous brand I was comparing it with.
    Pros: I was looking for quiet, and this is about the quietest you can get.
    Large drum, I bought 10kg, I m not a family now but I believe more space means cleaner clothes and it does just that.
    Programs, I cant express my amazement at this part as I have had numerous machines over the years, but this Haier has such a flexible variety of programs. Long, short, fast spin to slow spin 1400 - 400, temperatures, clothe care . The beauty of it is that the programs themselves are flexible as to how fast or hot you want the machine to wash.Then I love the speed up mode which is available for some programmes, speeding up the wash,as I don t have the grubby workclothes any more.

    It is also very smart looking in my new kitchen with a wide porthole door.

    There are not any cons I can describe, although my elder daughter did say its a shame its not black! ( I do not share that comment as much prefer white)

    Haier is a name I have only recently been aware of through a friend, but research showed it is growing in credibility and this model had lots of excellent reviews, So here is mine to add to the list, you certainly won t be disappointed, it compares very favourably with other more well known brands.

  • I've had it for just over a week now and I'm very happy with it

    I've had it for just over a week now and I'm very happy with it. My previous machine broke 3 months ago so it's had a lot of catch up laundry to handle in the last week!
    It's extremely quiet, in fact the only time I was really aware it was on was when I had dungarees in there and the metal was tapping on the glass. I live in a flat and due to renovation I don't currently have any internal doors, so this machine being so quiet (especially compared to my previous Hotpoint that only lasted 5 years) is an absolute relief! It's very easy to miss it finishing though because the spin is so quiet, it doesn't beep it just clicks when the door unlocks. I certainly can't hear it over my TV despite the machine being 15ft away with no door.
    It looks great in my kitchen, it's very smart looking. It's super easy to use, I didn't need to refer to the instructions to understand what each setting is. The fast wash is just over an hour for 40 degrees on the 1400 spin, and washes the clothes very well. The drum is really big inside and the machine seems sturdy and of high quality. I haven't tried all of the settings yet, but I'm keen to try the sports setting for my gym kit, it had said in the online spec that there wasn't one so that was a bonus.
    The shortest fast wash is 15 mins, but my guess is that'll be a cold wash for about 2-3kg and with barely a spin, I've not tried it yet.
    Initially I was hesitant about the fact I hadn't heard of the brand, in fact during my searches and comparisons I pretty much ignored this and others from Haier, but then I realised my aforementioned Hotpoint was a terrible investment and I had done a lot of research on that one and had trusted the known brand before, so I decided to take the risk on this one and I'm glad I did.
    My last machine was a 1600 spin and a 9kg drum, but because of the way it broke I'm certain that it wasn't built well enough to withstand that, so when I was looking for a new one I thought 1600 spin was important and that maybe I should reduce the drum size (it seems manufacturers have caught on that 1600rpm+9kg is a bad idea, it's hard to find now), however, the clothes come out less damp from this machine than my last even at 1400rpm, probably because it's bigger, although I've been very careful to not over load it and leave plenty of room for the clothes to move, I am still getting more washed and dried in good time.
    I would recommend this machine, but I'll also leave you with the tip that if, for any reason, this one isn't the one you go for, please don't try a 1600rpm, mine was 2 months out of warranty when I discovered that the cement weight and literally crumbled under the pressure of one person's 2 loads of washing a week.

  • Allgemein
    • Produkttyp Waschmaschine - Frontlader
    • Ladekapazität 8 kg
    • Energie Effizienzklasse Klasse A+++
    • Energieverbrauch pro Jahr 195 kWh
    • Wasserverbrauch pro Jahr 11000 Liter
    • Schleuderwirkungsklasse Klasse B
    • Drehzahl Variabel - 1400 rpm (Max)
    • Geräuschpegel (Waschen) 62 dB
    • Geräuschpegel (Schleudern) 78 dB
    • Geräuschpegel (max.) 78 dB
    • Formfaktor Freistehend (kann integriert werden)
    • Art der Installation Unterbau
    • Türöffnung Durchmesser 32 cm
    • Farbe außen Weiß
    • Kapazität Wäschetrommel 55 Liter
    • Trommelmaterial Rostfreier Stahl
    • Anz. Programme 14
  • Einstellungen, Steuerungen & Anzeigen
    • Steuerungstyp Elektronisch
    • Timer-Einstellungsmerkmale Startverzögerung mit Timer
    • Anzeigen Restzeitanzeige
  • Display
    • Typ LED-Bildschirm
  • Waschmaschine
    • Spezielle Programme und Optionen Wolle, Feinwäsche, Baumwolle, Synthetik, Handwäsche, Sportwäsche, antibakteriell, Hygiene, Jeans, Mixed Load, extrem schnell, rinse+, Express 15', schleudern, Baumwolle Plus
  • Verschiedenes
    • Sicherheitsmerkmale Kindersicherheit
    • Optionale Merkmale Oberteil abnehmbar
    • Räder und Nivellierung Verstellbare Füße
    • Kennzeichnung Directive 1061/2010/EU
  • Energieversorgung
    • Max. Energieverbrauch 2000 W
    • Spannung 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
    • Nennstrom 10 A
  • Abmessungen und Gewicht
    • Breite 59.5 cm
    • Tiefe 55 cm
    • Höhe 85 cm
    • Gewicht 72 kg
  • Abmessungen & Gewicht (Transport)
    • Breite (Versand) 65 cm
    • Tiefe (Versand) 65 cm
    • Höhe (Versand) 89 cm
    • Gewicht (Versand) 75 kg
  • Universelle Produktkennungen
    • Marke Haier
    • Teilenummer HW80-14829
    • GTIN 06921081576212, 06921081576786

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